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For runners' bodies and schedules!

Stretch & tone every major muscle in your body in the time it would take you to drive to the gym! (30-minute audio included.)

Whistler Wellness Fair

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Tarot Readings &
Healings with Roxanne

In Whistler
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Nordic Walking & Running
Burn more fat, improve cardio, tone your upper body, increase bone density, etc, etc ...
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About Van & Roxanne

Van's Blog: VanClaytonPowel.com (Warning - a little bit of everything!)



The best self-massage tool around!

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News, studies, and research on health issues.

"Is "Fracking" For Natural Gas The Biggest Threat to Our Environment?





You gotta watch this video! 

(The story behind it, here)

Paragliding, Gun Battles,
and a Broken Back

Link to websites with information,
articles, and forums on health issues.

Free Numerology
And now for something completely different ...



This woman is ... well, go see.
Might take a while to load, but worth it!


Oh, ohhh ... Roxanne's "unfortunate incident' in 2004

Click the photo to watch Roxanne sing There's An Old Lady On The Outside Of My Body

Roxanne sings There's An Old Lady On The Outside Of My Body on YouTube


You can check out some of Van's music with the player below
or Click Here for his Music Site.
(Big thanks to Leanne, Bodra & Dianne for the female vocals!)

A great cause! Check them out at PlaygroundBuilders.org




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